“Cloud Native for the Edge

Driven by demands for more sensors and higher bandwidth for sensors and communications in constrained environments, edge computing is naturally gravitating toward the high density and energy efficiency of Cloud Native Processors. Compute modules featuring Cloud Native Processors and open standards for embedded computing applications are speeding adoption and future-proofing the solution. 

In this whitepaper, we’ll help you to understand the role of Cloud Native platforms for embedded and edge compute, including: 

  • How a new architecture is delivering greater performance per watt 
  • Why density and efficiency are keys to high performance edge computing 
  • How the elimination of noisy neighbors is improving predictability 
  • Why Arm architecture enables scale up and scale out initiatives 
  • How the collaboration between ADLINK and Ampere has created efficient compute solutions on the edge 

Discover the higher performance and efficiency of cloud native on the edge. 

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Performance and Efficiency on the Edge
Less power is the new power
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