The world’s only 128-core Cloud Native Processors deliver twice the performance while consuming 50% less power.  

Your data center could pack way more compute capacity per rack with the same power usage. Ampere’s cloud native computing architecture delivers ultra-high core density for faster, more efficient utilization of compute resources at the rack and data center level.  

Features of Ampere’s 128-core processors include: 
  • Single threaded cloud core for consistent operating frequency 
  • Maximum core counts for greater power and area efficiency 
  • Larger, low latency private caches 
  • Lower power consumption across all workloads 

Compare the 128-core Altra Max processor to the latest x86 server processors for data center performance, including: core density, core efficiency, and core utilization. 

Read the brief to learn how Ampere® Altra® Max can help you achieve superior performance.
“With the compute efficiency from Ampere CPUs, and our heat recovery, we achieve the lowest carbon footprint anywhere"

Claes Hohner, Sales Leader at GleSYS
“Today's market demands depth of IP, performance and security.  This is where HPE steps in and why we chose Ampere."

Neil MacDonald, EVP and GM of Compute at HPE
Details regarding performance data and system configurations can be found here and “System configurations, components, software versions and testing environments that differ from those used in Ampere’s tests may result in different measurements from those obtained by Ampere
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